Samstag, 11. Februar 2012

Sara M. Grimes : TEDxLibrariansTO

16:43, engl.

"Dr. Sara M. Grimes is an Assistant Professor with the Faculty of Information, University of Toronto, where she teaches and researches in the areas of children's digital games, media, literature and culture. Her published work includes explorations of children's virtual worlds and online games, as well as examinations of the legal and ethical dimensions of online advertising and transmedia marketing strategies targeting children. She has presented her work at a number of national and international conferences, and has participated in various workshops and consultations examining issues and implications relating to children's digital culture. Sara's current research explores child-generated content in digital games (such as LittleBigPlanet), the role and function of transmedia intertextuality within children's play and cultural participation, and emerging issues around children's creativity and cultural rights. She blogs about this work and related items of interest at Gamine Expedition ("